Atlantic Awnings

Atlantic Awnings Atlantic Awnings Atlantic Awnings Atlantic Awnings
Internal Length
5m- 8m
External Length
5m- 8m
5 Years
Price £8,500.00

Full Specification

Following a recent trip to The Netherlands we are pleased to announce that we have teamed up with Ben Eilers to produce the Atlantic Awning. The main difference between an Atlantic and a standard awning is that it is designed to stay up all year. We measure and erect the awning to insure the fitting is correct and once it is up, thats it. to give an idea of the longevity of the product, the green awning in the picture has been up 13 years! 

 Price, as you would expect with such a product it is more expensive than the market is used to, but once a few factors have been accounted for, it actually works out more cost effective than a standard awning. I am still in the process of finalising prices, but they should come in at around £7000-£10000 depending on size and specification.

 1, Longevity, these awnings will last for at least ten years, if not longer, so if the initial cost is divided buy the number of years of potential use, it becomes more cost efficient that spending £1500 every two years on an awning that may come down. 

 2, Second hand value. Unlike a standard awning that has little or no value once it is over two years old, an Atlantic awning is still useable even after a number of years, so it has a value. This is not a disposable purchase, the initial price is not written off once it becomes unusable, because it doesn’t become unusable.

 3, Ease of ownership. We measure the awning and we erect the awning. There are no tie down kits, no pegs or ladder bands to worry about, it doesn’t flap in the wind or have water pool on the roof. The only maintenance needed other than a wipe over with a cloth, is a check once a year for tightness, which we can carry out. 

 4 No more insurance claims. As an Atlantic awning will not fail in adverse weather conditions,  the dreaded call from the park with the news of an awning down will be a thing of the past. No more reclaiming sodden property from the park, packing it in the caravan to be sorted out at a later date and no more phone calls to the insurance company or risk of damage to the caravan.

 So although the initial cost seems steep, with all things considered an Atlantic Awning awning makes sense. 

Watch it in action here

To see a 360 view of the awning, click here







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