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The Cooking facilities

Most modern caravans will come with an oven and a microwave fitted as standard. 

There are several different types of oven but they all work in the same principle. They run primarily on gas but some also have a 240v hob plate fitted. The hob has 3 gas rings (with one 240v hob plate if fitted). There is a separate grill with an oven below. All are fitted with a safety feature called a thermocouple which will shut the gas off if the flame has gone out, some are fitted with an extra safety feature that requires the hob lid to be in the fully raised position before the oven will work. 

As with the ovens, most caravans are now fitted with a microwave that operates in the same way as the one at home, they run on 240v so will only work when plugged into the mains.

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