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The gas system

The gas system runs the cooker and provides back up to the water heater, space heater and fridge if the is no 240v present. All caravans from 2008 onwards will have a Truma bulkhead regulator situated in the front gas locker compartment. A high pressure hose is then attached to this and is connected to a gas bottle. 

We recommend using Propane gas (Red bottles) as it is a much cleaner gas and has a lower freezing point so can be used in winter. Butane will stop working efficiently at around 4 degrees and has a higher oil contend to can block up the regulator and appliances. 


Insure the bottle is correctly fitted using the gas hose provided. The propane fitting is a LEFT HAND THREAD so needs to be unscrewed, to screw it in. A correct sized spanner must be used to tighten the fitting into the bottle. The bottle can then be turned on and the gas system used. 

A common problem is that the regulator can block up with oil and stop working. If you have little or no gas coning into the caravan, insure the bottle is turned on and the internal switches are in the correct position, if there is still no gas then the regulator will need to be changed by a competent person. 

There are two size, 8mm and 10mm. Most caravan are 8mm. 

To insure you don't get this problem, when you have finished with the gas system, turn it off at the bottle and light the hob to remove the excess gas that will remain in the system. This is especially important over the winter months when the oil in the gas goes thick. 

The sliver style of bulkhead regulator has now been superseded by the new Truma bulkhead regulator pictured below. It has a crash sensor which which also operates as a gas shut off valve. This is the first thing to check if there is no gas flowing into the caravans. If the shut off valve has been activated, the yellow button in the center of the regulator will protude. A plastic tool is supplied with the regulator to re set this button. To reset, push the yellow button in and twist 90 degrees, it should lock into place.

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