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Thetford Toilet

The caravan is equipped with a Thetford Cassette toilet that has a fresh water holding tank for the flush water and a waste holding tank for, well you know what. 

Above is the water fill up point through which the fresh water flush tank can be filled. We don't recommend traveling with too much water in the tank as it will slosh about and adds weight to the caravan normally at the rear of the van, which isn't ideal. 

A Flush additive can be used in the fresh tank, this helps lubricate the pump and keeps the tank free from mould build up.


To operate


Press the blue button that is situated on top out the toilet and a pump.

This will flush water around the bowl. A handle at the front of the unit just below the bowl can then be slid across to allow the contents of the bowl to pass into the cassette.

The blue chemical must be put in the cassette each time it gets emptied, to do this follow the instruction on the bottle and pour the required amount into the cassette through the bowl, and add some flush water. 

When full, the Cassette can then transported to the waste deposal point, normally situated near the toilet block.

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