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Truma Combi Boiler


The Truma Combi water and space heater can run on either 240v, gas or if needed, both. There is a central dial which acts as a selection knob, and an enter button. 

To turn the system on, press and hold the central knob, and the panel will light up. Most of the time the heater will turn on when the system shut down button or main power button is activated.

To insure the heater has 240v, there is a small plug symbol in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. If this is not present, make sure the 240v button on the main control board under the seat is pressed and illuminated. 

Power source

The first this to select is the power source. Press the central knob and scroll over to the icon with a gas bottle with two flashes next to it. In normal use either use the ELE 2 (2 KW) setting for winter  space heating and hot water, or the ELE 1 (1 KW) if you will not be using the shower or heating in the summer months. Of course, if you are not plugged in the the only option is the gas, so select this.

Once the desired input is selected, press the central knob and either press the back button, or scroll to the heating or hot water to set those. 

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To operate the heating, press the central knob and a set of icons will appear on the top of the screen. Select the motorhome icon and press the knob again. To start with the system will say off, TWIST the knob until the desired selling is shown on the screen. This will not be an exact temperature as it is not calibrated and each caravan is a different size but you will get used to what the numbers relate too fairly quickly. 

With the requires number flashing, press the knob again, and then to confirm your selection, press the back button to the left of the main knob to exit. 

A flame symbol will illumate in the top left hand side of the screen to indicate the heating is on. (This symbol is not the best choice in my opinion as it confuses customers into thinking the heater is working on gas, but this is not the case as the power input is selected in the section above.)

The symbol will flash as the heater warms the caravan to the desires setting and will be solid when the temperature has been reached. 

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Fan Speed.

The fan speed will automatically set to ECO when the heating is activated, but can be increased to boost by selecting the fan icon at the end of the icon row, depressing the central knob, selecting BOOST, pressing the knob again to lock the selection in, then exiting with the back button.


(On early modules there was a legionnaires disease setting when the heater would heat up in the night to kill the bugs, then the fan would blast the hot air into the caravan to remove the heat which would sound like Challenger taking off, if it happens, this setting can be over ridden in the settings menu)  

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Hot Water

To use the hot water, press the central knob and select the second icon along which is a thermostat with wavy lines. It will be set to OFF. Twist the knob to select either ECO, HOT or BOOST. 

Use ECO if you are just using the system for a bit of washing up, HOT if you will be using the shower and BOOST if you will need a shower after a shower. This setting will turn the heating off for 45 minuets so the system can put all its energy into the hot water. The system will revert back to normal after this time.  

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There are a number of setting that can be accessed on the bottom row of icons, the main ones being the time, and a timer, but most people will set the temperature at the beginning of their stay and leave it at that. For further information on this I would refer you to the handbook.

Older Style control Panel

You may have the older style control panel which is operated in a different way. To turn on press the on button in the bottom left hand side of the panel and the system will give a bleep and come on.

The current room temperature is in the top left hand corner, the temperature the heating system is set to is in the bottom left hand corner, at the bottom in the center is what the heater is being run on, ie, E- Electric, G Gas or both together. 

The W with 60 degrees C after it is what the water temperature is set to. 

Temperature Setting.

To set the temperature that the combi will heat the van to, press the button with the thermometer on and the screen above will show. Then press the up and down buttons depending on what you want the temperature to be. Once you have selected the desired temperature you must press the SET BUTTON. if you do not do this the new temperature will not be locked in.

Setting to run on electric/Gas

The set the Truma Combi to run on electric (240V) press the button with the gas flame and plug symbol. The above screen will show,

The setting the Combi is currently set to will be the one highlighted in black, in this case the 240v 8A, which means around the 2kw mark which is the minimum needed to run the hot water and heating together. The 4 A setting is only really okay for a bit of hot water for washing up.

The arrow indicates which setting the combi will select once the SET button is pressed. So to change the setting to gas, select gas powered with the arrow and press SET. The gas powered setting will be highlighted with black and the heater will switch to gas. 

 If you need the Combi to heat up quickly in the winter, select 8A and gas, this will run the boiler on both, I suggest getting the van and water to temperature on this setting and once it has warmed up, switch to 230v 8A to save gas.

Water Settings

To set the water to 60 degrees (only option other than off)press the shower button and the above screen with show. As above, the function highlighted in black is the one currently in use. To select 0 point the arrow to 0 and press the set button and it will be highlighted in black.

Set Up/Summer/Winter settings. 

 To access the set up menu press the set button and the above menu will be on screen. From here you can set the clock, set verious timers and set the system to summer or winter. 

 I'm not sure why this is an option as setting the system to summer only turns the heating option off. If the temperature is set to below what the caravan is saying it is then the heating will not come on anyway, so my advice would be to leave it on winter.

 But if you did want to change it then do as above and select Summer and winter with the arrow, but instead if pressing set at this point you will need to use the arrow button and select Summer, then press the set button.  

Then if you went to the heating menu, the above screen will show.

Click Here for a quick video on how to work this panel.

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