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Truma Ultraheat space heating Units

Truma Ultraheat Units

Your Truma Ultra heat unit is responsible for the heating of your caravan. It is a duel fuel unit, this means that it runs on 240v mains electric and gas. The Ultra Heat is equipped with a fan that allows the warm air from the heater to be passed around the caravan via a system of pipes. This allows the whole caravan to be kept at a specific temperature.

240 Volt Operation

The heater has a mains switch, which has to be operated before the power can get to the temperature selector switch. The location of this switch varies depending on the make and model of caravan.

The heater has 3 settings on the 240v option, 500w. 1000w and 2000w. This is the maximum amount of power that will be used to heat the caravan at each setting. A green light will indicate that the power is on, the dial indicates which power output has been selected.

On the 2000w setting care has to be taken with other 240v appliances as the trip switch in the caravan can get over loaded.

The switch also has a thermostat setting dial which sets the temperature at which the thermostat operates. It is the dial with 1 through to 9 on it in the centre of the power selection switch.

The 240v heater can be used as a convector heater or the fan can be used to blow the warm air around the caravan.

Fan Operation: The fan is operated from the switch, which is located on the space heater. There are two settings - manual and auto.

The fan switch is located below the control dial numbered 1 through to 5. The centre position is off, to the left is manual and to the right is auto.

The manual fan is controlled by the numbered dial, 1, slow running fan through to 5 high speed fan.

The auto fan is controlled by a thermostat. The numbers on the dial correspond to a temperature at which the fan speed reduces. This will only work when the 2KW power output has been selected.

Gas operation

To operate the gas burner turn the gas control knob to 10 and depress fully. Hold in this position.

If you have an automatic ignighter you will hear a small “tick tick” noise. Keep the control knob depressed until the burner lights and the “tick” stops. Keep the control knob depressed for a further 10 seconds then release. The main burner will light; this can be seen through the viewing port in the cover.

If you have a manual ignighter depress the control knob for 5 seconds then press the manual spark knob repeatedly until the pilot light can be seen through viewing port.Keep the control knob depressed for 10 seconds then release, The main burner will light.

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