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Truma Ultrastore Water heater

The Truma Ultrastore has been used in most caravans from 2000 onwards.

240v Operation

The operation of the 240v system is quite straight forward, insure the heater is full of water and then turn on the 240v switch. This is normally situated at a low level under the front offside seat. It can however be anywhere in the caravan and there are a number of different types!Once the heater is switched on the water will get to full temperature in 30 minutes, the water heater can be left of or the duration of your stay, however some people will turn it off a night to save energy.

If the heater fails to heat the water the thermal trip could have blown. This normally happens if 240v is supplied to the heater without the unit having waster in it This needs to be reset. To do this the 240v supply has to be disconnected from the unit. There is normally a white plug and socket close to the water heater. Take this apart, leave for a few minutes, then reconnect. The water should now heat.

Gas Operation

To light the gas water heater to flue cowl has to be removed, the heater will not light with it in position.

Turn the gray switch to the flame position, a green light will come on and the heater will attempt to light. It fails a red light will come on. Wait for a few seconds and try again. When the heater has lit the green light will stay on. There is a thermostat in the center of the gas control knob, set this to the required setting. The gas system needs to be used from time to time to ensure all the working parts stay in good condition.

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