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The AKS 1300 Hitch Assembly

This is the lightest version of the stabilising hitch with a maximum weight of 1300 kgs. It works by locating friction pads onto the tow ball which inhibits the sideways and up and down movement between the caravan and the car. Due the the use of friction the tow ball should be free from grease. To do this use white spirit or brake cleaner to de-grease the ball before use. If you have a diesel car this will need to be done more often as the exhaust will have oil in the fumes.

How to hitch up.

Position the vehicles tow ball below the hitch assembly. Insure the side lever and the central lever are in the raised positions and the red dial on the right of the assembly is has been screwed out (fully anti clockwise until it stops). 

Lower the hitch assembly onto the ball and the central handle will click down into position,. Notice the front red button is showing green to indicate the ball has located fully into the hitch assembly.

Turn the red dial clockwise until a clicking noise id heard.

The depress the red leaver until it stops.

Locate the brake away cable and plug in the electrics. Insure all corner steadies are up and double check the hitch as under pressured conditions it is sometimes easy to mis-hitch.

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