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The ALKO AKS 2004

This is the most common version of the stabilising hitch it can be fitted to single or twin axle caravans. It works by locating friction pads onto the tow ball which inhibits the sideways and up and down movement between the caravan and the car. Due the the use of friction the tow ball should be free from grease. To do this use white spirit or brake cleaner to de-grease the ball before use. If you have a diesel car this will need to be done more often as the exhaust will have oil in the fumes.

How to Hitch Up

Position the vehicles tow ball below the hitch assembly. Insure the black/ red lever and the central lever are in the raised position.

Lower the hitch assembly onto the vehicle tow ball using the jockey wheel, the black handle will click down.

Depress the main black/red handle until it stops, this may take some effort. If it is easy to push down, the friction pads may need changing.

Take care to check that the red button at the front of the assembly is showing green, this means that the tow ball has located correctly into the hitch. 


Reverse the above process but insure the lower black handle is pushed fully forward and held in position before and during the jockey wheel assemblies operation.

 On some occasions the hitch can get stuck on the vehicle. This is normally due it being stressed. The first thing to check is if the lower handle was fully forward before winding the jockey wheel, Lower the caravan back down and try again.

 If the caravan was backed onto a pitch up a slope then apply the handbrake to the caravan and release the vehicle handbrake so the car can move forward to remove the pressure on the hitch. Or visa versa if the caravan has been backed down a slope.

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