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The Alko ATC


The innovative anti-snaking system

Anyone who has ever encountered critical driving situations with their outfit will know that trailers or caravans react very sensitively at high speeds – and what the risks are! Even minor avoidance maneuvers, side winds on bridges or wind pressure when overtaking trucks can soon cause the trailer to start snaking. ATC AL-KO Trailer Control actively counteracts such phenomena! The ATC has now proven itself 125,000 times and is our contribution to increased road safety.

Your advantage:

  • Sensors react to small lateral accelerations.

  • The system reacts automatically; the driver barely notices this correction

  • The gentle braking has the effect of returning the trailer to its track automatically

  • Automatic test runs when connecting the trailer

  • A clearly visible green LED indicates the emergency system is fully functional during startup

  • No adjustment to the towing vehicle or caravan needed

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