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Caravan Drain Down

Caravan Drain Down

It is very important to drain down your caravan at the end of the season as it will prevent frost damage to the pipe work and appliances. There are a few different types of water heater depending on your caravans age. As a guide, pre 2000 will more that likely be a Carver Cascade MK 2.

This will have a large square flue housing on the side of your caravan with the drain down valve situated in the lower left hand corner. To drain down the cascade, remove this plastic threaded bung.

On newer models there will be a quick drain down valve, flip this 90 degrees and leave open. Do not replace the drain down bung as this will damage the non return valve situated behind it.

Open all the taps to allow free movement of any water left in the system. Place the shower head as low as possible to remove water from the shower tube.

For most caravans now there will be a Truma drain down valve, to drain down this system follow the instructions below.

  • Open all tank drain valves to drain onboard and external tanks, and leave open.

  • Open the safety drain valve (yellow handle) next to water heater, and leave open.

  • Fully open all the taps and shower mixer, move mixer position to the middle, and leave all taps in the open position.

  • Unscrew the shower head and shower hose, shake out remaining water and allow water to drain. It is advised to leave the shower head and hose disconnected.

  • Run pump for a short time, until all water is expelled.

  • Disconnect the inlet pipe to the onboard water pump, mesh filter and outlet pipe, and re-run the pump for a short time, to ensure all the water is removed. Leave the system disconnected during storage. (the system will should be fine if this step is not carried out, but if you want to be sure it wouldn't hurt.)

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