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Carbon Monoxide

What is Carbon Monoxide?

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is produced when the normal combustion process is interrupted e.g there is insufficient air or contaminated air.This will cause incomplete combustion, gas and air will not burn completely, this is what causes Carbon Monoxide to be produced.CO is a toxic, tasteless, odorless, colourless and non irritant gas which is harmful to all humans and animals.

How Does it Kill?

When we breath air into our lungs the oxygen combines with haemoglobin and is transported through the body.

When CO is inhaled it disrupts this process dramatically.Haemoglobin is 10 times more attracted to CO than oxygen so it will pick up CO instead of oxygen even when very small levels are present. 

As more CO is inhaled less oxygen is absorbed into the bloodstream, this infect suffocated the victim without there knowledge. The onset of CO poisoning affects the victims mental ability and sudden exertion may cause collapse.

  • % CO Parts Per Mill(PPM) Effects On Adults % of CO in Blood 

  • 0.01 100 Slight headache in 2-3 hours 13% 

  • 0.02 200 Mild headache, dizziness, nausea, tiredness after 2-3 hours 20-30% 

  • 0.04 400 Frontal headache, nausea, 1-2 hours.Risk to life after 3 hours 36% 

  • 0.08 800 Severe headaches, convulsions in 45 mins. Death possible after 2-3 hours. 50% 

  • 0.16 1600 Severe symptoms within 20 mins. Death possible in 1-2 hours 68% 

  • 0.32 3200 Severe symptoms within 5-10 mins. Death possible in 15 mins 70-75% 

  • 0.64 6400 Severe symptoms within 1-2 mins. Death in 15 mins 80% 

  • 1.28 12800 Immediate symptoms, death in 1-3 mins 85-90%

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