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Truma Regulator Fault

Loss of Gas Pressure to the Caravan?

From 2004 caravan manufactures had to fit the Truma regulator which was fitted to the bulkhead of the caravan.

All was fine for a while, then regulators began to fail, initially this was put down to a few failing as you would expect with a new product. However as more and more regulators began to fail Truma looked into the issue and decided that "Heavy ends" were to blame.

As LPG is a product of oil, an oily residue is present in the gas its self. With the old style regulators, which were mounted horizontally on top of the cylinder, the heavy ends would fall back into the cylinder and cause no problem.

The new regulators are fitted vertically on the bulkhead. The first regulators were also fitted below the level of the gas outlet valve, adding to this the problem was that the gas hose was fitted directly on top of the regulator. When the gas is standing, the heavy ends will fall and collect inside the regulator. In time this will cause the regulator to fail.

Regulators are now fitted above the outlet valve and have a 90 degree inlet which should allow the heavy ends to fall back into the bottle.

However, problems still occur, and regulators are still failing. Regulators with heavy end issues are not covered under warrantee so a new regulator will have to be purchased.

To limit the chance of the heavy end issue, I would suggest not leaving pressurized gas in the system. After every use, disconnect the gas hose and burn off the gas in the system by lighting the hob.

There are two sizes, 10mm and 8mm.

Below is a regulator with heavy end issues.

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