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Electrical system


If vehicle is being stored while connected to 230v Mains Hook-up:

  • Ensure that the leisure battery is connected and the 20A local fuse(s) is connected.

  • The isolator switch on PSU (where fitted) should be in the 'ON' position, however. the control panel should be switched 'OFF'.

  • If Alde system is installed, there is a frost protection setting, which can be used.

  • • Vehicles can be left in this condition for extended periods, with the charger operating to maintain the battery.

However, periodic maintenance and inspection is recommended, this should include the battery condition.

If vehicle is being stored not connected to 230v Mains Hook-up:

  • Charge the leisure battery for 24 hours prior to placing caravan in storage.

  • Ensure the isolation button on PSU (where fitted) is in the 'OFF' position. (As above)

  • Ensure leisure battery is connected and 20A local fuse(s) is in place only if an alarm or tracker device is fitted.

  • The alarm will eventually drain the leisure battery - we recommend regular (monthly) inspection / re-charging of leisure battery.

  • Remove the leisure battery and store in a dry place, if an alarm is not fitted.

  • The battery should not be adversely affected by winter temperatures but the level of charge should be maintained to maximise the life span of the battery. This can be achieved using an automotive type battery charger as and when required.

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