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Gas system

  • Ensure the gas supply is isolated at the gas bottle, and ensure that the gas manifold taps are off.

  • Check the age and condition of the high pressure gas hose and regulator, and replace if required.

The Truma bulkhead regulator has had issues in the past with blocking up. This is due to the heavy ends in the gas solidifying in the regulator chamber and blocking it. This is not helped by the pressure not being released in the system during the winter months, or the summer for that matter. There is 100 PSI pressure in one side of the regulator throughout the winter which can be effected by the low temperatures.

 The bottle should be turned off and disconnected as suggested and the excess pressure ’burnt’ off (its amazing how long that takes with just one hob going) this will reduce the heavy end build up over the winter.

Just disconnecting the bottle will not release the pressure in the regulator as it has a non-return valve..  

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